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Giving back is the cornerstone of good business. For me, there is simply no other acceptable way to work for my clients. Michele Cynthia

A home is more than a purchase, it’s your legacy. Through home ownership I help families who have faced hardships to start new chapters in their lives and ensure that they can still take pride in what kind of life they’re able to provide for themselves long into the future.

Hi, my name is Michele Cynthia, founding CEO of Boutique Real Estate. There is a saying in life that we should share the scar and not the wound. My purpose isn’t just real estate – through homeownership or sales, I help families start a new chapter in their lives, literally.

My own story is not one that you would typically associate with a successful person but it has shown me how important it is to never give up on your dreams and always be there for those who need help most. I connect to my clients on a level that they will never forget.

In 2002, I was fired from a 6-figure job as a project manager when I chose to support my son through chemotherapy as a single mother with no child support. I lost my home in Eastchester soon after I was forced to live at the YMCA. There is something tremendously humbling to hit rock bottom. My tenacity and grit allowed me to close sales on the 9th floor at NYU watching my teenage son fight for his life–until he lost his battle with bone cancer in 2005. It is this journey that gives me the motivation to keep on–keepin on!

I am deeply intuitive with extremely strong instincts. Weaving my life challenges and triumphs into my real estate career has given me an edge in real estate that cannot be taught or learned. I use every opportunity to educate my clients throughout the process—it’s essential to keep everyone in the loop. I know my clients appreciate that.

Upstate New York

Born and raised in Upstate New York, I know my way around and will happily share favorite dining spots and local treasures with clients. I’m always on a mission to pivot with purpose.

I work 1:1 with young adults in my spare time and advocate for families in need of caregiver expertise or end-of-life transition assistance.

I’ve been awarded 15x for my best screenplay based on my published book “A Journey of Unconditional Love.”  I feel honored to help clients find the same sense of joy in fulfilling their dreams of homeownership or guiding them through this important life transition.

It’s not the rise in success that I strive for, it’s the pivot into purpose. The ‘why behind the “wow” gives me a sense of life’s greatest accomplishment.

With a combination of compassion and coaching, my work ethic is focused helping families transition, whether into a home or a new journey in life. My 20-year contributor to a non-profit organization Skippers Angel Wings—is committed to improving the lives of terminally ill patients. In her limited free time I enjoy horses, volunteering, traveling, and promoting healthy living.

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